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Consumer and Small Business Bankruptcy

Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

Attorney Libner has counseled and filed bankruptcy proceedings for hundreds of individual debtors and small business owners in Maine for more than 15 years. His fees are tailored to fit the unique circumstances of each client.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a debtor who is overwhelmed by debt an opportunity for a fresh start, stopping litigation and harassment by debt collectors, while protecting the debtor's essential property from seizure.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to debtors with the capacity to repay some but not all of their debts, who might otherwise lose their home to foreclosure, or lose other "non-exempt" property they wish to retain.

Bankruptcy is a highly technical field of law in which a skilled attorney's help can make a great difference in achieving a favorable outcome in what may appear to be an impossible situation. Debtors are strongly advised not to try to do-it-yourself, as a mistake can result in dismissal of your bankruptcy case or worse. For a free consultation about the possibility and cost of financial relief through bankruptcy, call Attorney Maurice Libner before making another financial decision you may later regret!


Disclosure Required by Law: We are a Debt-Relief Agency. We represent individuals and small businesses in obtaining discharges of their debt through the United States Bankruptcy Court, under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. secs. 101 et seq.)